Monday, March 24, 2014


 Imagine the scene:  1600+ girls assembled in columns at 7:00am in the morning for assembly.  Well, you don't have to imagine, just look below for how every Monday starts at Archbishop Porter.

We were on the veranda with the headmistress looking down.  I kind of felt like the Pope.  Don't worry, even though he speaks Latin, I'm not ready to convert.  The asembly immediately began with prayer and some instructions in English (quite versus quiet) so that they should stand in line quietly and straighten their rows.  Then some character development:  girls of character walk briskly and with  sense of purpose.  The domestic headmistress (Mama Abs) scolded the girls for smuggling corn flakes into the dining hall instead of eating the provided kenkay ( a maize product) or eating in tbe dorms or classrooms  Tbe penalty:  first offense suspension, second offense counseling and expulsion from the dorm.  Surprisingly (or not so surprisingly) not two hours later a girl was called into the headmistress for eating in class.  Sound familiar any of my poor   listeners?
The assembly continuec with 1600 girls singing What a Friend We Have in Jesus. Same words, slightly different but beautiful melody.  Many were amazed I could sing it without a hymnal. How awesome to reiterate through song that the same Jesus is the friend to an about to be grandmother (still waiting), from a small Lutheran high school in Saginaw, Mi and a fifteen year old Ghanaian girl hundreds of miles away from home at a"public" Catholic boarding school in Takoradi, Ghana West Africa.

Girls are girls all over the world.  Hamming it up for the camera in Form 1 mathematics class witb a male teacher who sings little ditties when he calls on his students.

Yes, I really am in Ghana with my Form 3 friends.  Had a chance to interact with this class of girls during a study period preparing for their future as they study for their final examination.
More on interactions with students following tomorrow's actual teaching.


  1. Isn't it amazing how much love you feel from these girls immediately???? What a treasure you will carry with you the rest of your life!

  2. Daniel P
    I do not think that it would be possible to get our students to stand in straight rows while not talking and obeying orders. We need discipline like this.

  3. Good to know you won't convert. Best of luck.

  4. Good to know that you have made so many friends over in Ghana. God Bless!

  5. You look like you are having tons of fun and I hope you make many good memories while you are there and have a safe flight home.

  6. Looks like many wonderful memories are being made and that you're enjoying every minute. Make sure your heart is open to whatever they may be able to teach you as you're there. Miss you!

  7. Spencer Wehner
    That is really cool that you could share your common faith with so many girls. Its amazing how disciplined they are, that would be very hard to do here. Looks like great fun and memories.

  8. Marissa Lacy
    I love how there are many common things between here in Saginaw and there in Ghana. Not only can we sing the same songs, but we can also get in trouble for eating in class.

  9. What an amazing visual that shows us we all praise the same God together as one family! God's Blessings on you and the girls!